The Power of Belief… McGregor’s Weapon

Belief is probably the most underrated power we all carry. Think about it, there are people who believe so strongly in their religion, they are willing to die for it; because to them, it is as real as this keyboard I’m typing on. The placebo effect has been shown, time & time again, that our minds have significant power over our bodies. Every scientific experiment must include some sort of placebo to confirm that the substance being tested is producing the physiological effects & not the mind. So, do we just acknowledge this very evident fact of life & move on like monkeys? Or, can we try to consciously harness this power?

Conor McGregor. This got me thinking about mixed martial arts. If you ask a fighter pre-fight who they think will win… who do you think they will say? Themselves, of course. Fighters project this attitude that they KNOW they will win, which sends their opponent a message. The fight begins mentally. Until they step in the cage, it’s all words & body language.

This brings me to Conor McGregor. My favorite athlete. Some people think he’s a cocky, arrogant douche. I disagree. This man is a genius. He understands this power of belief which resides in all humans. He plays a game of mental warfare with his opponents, doing anything & everything he can to make his opponents, not only believe in his confidence, but doubt their own. “Is he really this confident… is he really that good…?”. Obviously, he got smashed by Khabib last weekend, but Khabib is a different man. He’s a cold-blooded killer from an entirely different culture than what Conor is used to. Instead of forcing Khabib to question his own abilities, he simply pissed him off. Conor’s psychological tricks failed this time, but look at his past fights. Every time he knocks his opponent out cold, he’s always there right after to embrace him & thank him for the challenge. He respects these guys, believe it or not, because they have the same dreams as him. He knows the grueling mental & physical work they put in day in & day out. There’s a reason why he is where he’s at, & it’s not all based on his fighting ability, clearly.

Believe in yourself. Sorry, so cliché. But grow up. Clichés are usually true. Don’t get sucked into group think. Think for yourself. Focus on what it is YOU want in this life, & go after it. Don’t let other peoples’ doubts & fears crowd your vision, because they will. The problem with listening to people, is most people don’t really believe in themselves. Most run on negative thought patterns which keeps them average. Just like everyone else. The infinitesimal percentage of successful people in this world understand & transcend this. I don’t just mean financially successful, I mean successful in all key areas of life. Whatever success means to you. Think like a fighter about to step in that cage. You can win, you will win, you have to win. No excuses.

I see this in the gym all the time. Someone sees me doing a handstand or something & they say “Oh I will never be able to do that!”. It’s like… okay, now you really won’t ever be able to do that! Ground yourself in your beliefs & make sure they are positive & optimistic. Sky is the limit. Cliché as fuck.

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