Era of chronic conditions… coincidence?

Why are chronic diseases so common these days? Obesity, diabetes, ADHD, anxiety, depression, hypertension, arthritis… the list goes on. Is this a coincidence? Absolutely not. There are two major industries we have to blame. In reality, we should be blaming no one but ourselves for allowing this to occur, because after all, where there is demand there will be supply.

Food industry. The food industry is a billion dollar industry. The priority has shifted from producing & selling high quality food to producing & selling high quantities of food.  Quantity over quality. This means more money in their pockets & garbage, excuses for food for us.

Basically, in order to reduce cost & maximize profit & output, GMO’s (genetically modified organisms) are utilized. These GMO’s are mass produced, unnatural forms of nutrition fed to animals. These animals literally get sick from this shit, they’re slaughtered & we eat them. Now, we are seeing the effects.

Not only GMO’s… but simply unnatural, artificially flavored foods are killing us. Things like cereal, chips & other packaged crap. Our digestive system is not even fully understood. There is debate over whether we are herbivores, carnivores or frugivores. Maybe we are a hybrid. Point being, we don’t know. On top of not knowing which foods really suit us best, we synthesize this fake garbage. This fake garbage, like kids’ cereals, are then marketed directly to children & from a young age these poor kids are hooked on a high sugar & refined carbohydrate diet. But don’t worry, there’s another industry that will solve the problem!

Big Pharma. So, you’re young child just turned 11 years old, & has just been diagnosed with juvenile diabetes & ADHD. The doctor does not ask anything about his/her diet and/or lifestyle & instead prescribes a few medications for the kid to take on a daily basis. Adderall for the ADHD, Metformin & Apidra for the diabetes. This kick starts this particular child’s life of dependance & ill health. This is the case with millions of kids, adults & seniors… everyone. It’s a sick system.We have an industry that we trust to provide us with food but instead they give us poison. Then we have Big Pharma to turn to, & they hold the potions. It’s a never ending cycle of sickness & dependance which is fueled by money; believe it or not.

Deterioration of physical & mental health of the masses. The only way to break this is through education. People need to know about this. They need to know how bad the food they are eating is & that the drugs their doctors give them will not fix the root cause of these issues. Lifestyle changes must be implemented to truly reverse these chronic conditions.

The real solution. Nowadays, thanks to the internet, we can learn from each other. More & more people are demonstrating that by altering their diet & lifestyle, they can successfully reverse their chronic conditions. We have access to scientific databases where we can read studies on how different diets & ways of eating & living truly have the potential to prevent & reverse many chronic conditions.

Like I said at the beginning of this article, where there is demand, supply will follow. We must educate ourselves as to what is good for us. We must experiment with different diets & lifestyles to find what works for us, individually. Everyone is different. This takes some effort on our part. We must shift our priorities from producing & consuming to sustaining & preserving. Preserve our resources & live sustainable lifestyles which promote health & well-being.

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