What your walk says about you

We all have a unique walk. Some people have a swagger to their step, & some people just look awkward. Some people walk fast & others walk slow. Little do you know, the way you move & carry your physical body is a great indicator of how your mind works & what’s going on up there. Here are a couple things to consider with regards to your stride.

Walking fast vs. walking slow. This tells you a lot about a person. Of course, people walk fast when they’re in a hurry, but some walk fast all the time, for no apparent reason. Me being one of them. I never took notice of this until I was walking with one of my good friends in college (let’s call him Jim). As we were walking I found myself having to keep slowing down because I was leaving Jim in the dust, mid conversation. This irritated me at first. I thought, “C’mon man… MOVE!”. But then I thought a little more…

I started matching his pace, as he had no interest in matching mine. It did not even occur to him how slowly he was moving. I found it so difficult to maintain this pace. I felt like a snail! I kept catching myself speed-walking & slowing down. Jim is a very calm, collected individual. Never makes erratic decisions, always centered & effortlessly emits a zen-like vibe. He is always very grounded. I drew a connection to his slow walking. His movement literally mimicked his psychology. As did mine. I, on the other hand have always been erratic, impulsive & over-energetic.

I’ve suffered from ADHD for as long as I can remember. My parents told me I wouldn’t even sleep through the night for the first 4 years of my life. So, this was starting to make sense to me. My movement is a representation of my behavior. So, I wondered if my behavior could be a representation of my movement. Could practicing the art of walking slow also slow my mind down? Yes, it did in fact. I practiced this when walking around campus. I would be sure to walk slowly & mindfully, like a moving meditation. I could literally feel my mind slow down. My thoughts started to become more congruent & clear. I found this to be very interesting. Before you swallow that Adderall, try some mindful movement.

Confidence. Or lack thereof. Do you walk with your head held high & your chest high? Or do you find yourself staring at the ground with rounded shoulders. How do you react when passing someone on the street? When walking toward an attractive person of the opposite sex (or same sex depending on your preference), do you shy away, fidget or pretend they don’t exist? Or, are you able to look them in the eyes, smile & move on with your day? These are all very interesting questions you should ask yourself.

I found myself to be looking down & hunched forward most of the time. I would feel a little anxious or uneasy when passing certain people. As soon as I became aware of this, I was able to make a change. Walking slowly & mindfully had a direct effect on my psychology. Walking with swagger & confidence was no different.


It all begins with awareness. Bring awareness to these everyday, unconscious acts, such as walking, & notice how you are able to influence your psychology by making conscious, physical changes.

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