Consumption & mental health

Think about this for a moment. If swallowing one tiny pill can alter the way you think, feel & behave… then why can’t the other things you consume? It is common to overlook food. But you must remember, food is chemistry. Food contributes to everything that makes you, you. It doesn’t stop there. ALL things you consume have an effect on you.

Nutrition. If you are not careful of the food you consume, you may find yourself depressed, anxious, exhibiting addictive behaviors, moody, etc. Food is our most hardwired addiction. The food we eat can serve us & provide our body with the building blocks & resources it needs, or it can completely throw your system off. Serotonin, the famous neurotransmitter linked to depression & mood disorders, is actually mostly found in your gut.

Whatever food you eat feeds particular bacteria/fungus in your gut. If you eat healthy, whole-foods, you are feeding the beneficial bacteria. If you eat shitty excuses for food, like fast-food, sugar, empty carbs, etc… You are feeding the bad bacteria & fungus in your body. “Research has found, for example, that tweaking the balance between beneficial and disease-causing bacteria in an animal’s gut can alter its brain chemistry and lead it to become either more bold or more anxious” (source). Mess with your gut, mess with your head.

Media. We all consume media, whether its social media, Netflix, TV, music,  whatever. This has a SIGNIFICANT effect on your psychology. Our subconscious minds never turn off. Even when you’re sleeping. It is always watching & listening. So, when you’re mindlessly sitting on your couch staring at the TV screen thinking about your day at work, your subconscious mind is absorbing all of that bullshit. Same with music. Mindlessly listening to music at almost all times will psychologically screw you up!

Our brains operate at different frequencies, or brainwave states, & these are heavily influenced by the media we habitually consume. I do not mean to demonize listening to music or enjoying Netflix, but just be aware. Monitor your consumption & try switching it up.

People. This is a form of consumption, believe it or not. Like I’ve said before, your subconscious mind is always watching & listening. Always picking up on ideas & thoughts. When you are habitually around the same people, you can tend to pick up on their mannerisms, thought patterns & even overall perception of the world. So, if you’re around pessimistic, energy-sucking fools most of the time, you bet you’ll pick up on it. Show me your friends & I’ll tell you who you are. There is a lot of truth to this saying.

We all want that quick fix. We feel low or anxious & we hit up the doctor. It’s his job to take care of you after all, right? He must have all the answers & the quick solutions. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. We are dynamic & very complex beings. Science does not fully understand us enough to feed us chemicals & hope it fixes everything. Our mental health is a reflection of the things we choose to consume.

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