Unexpected side-effect of Intermittent Fasting #3

This one is perhaps my favorite side effect. I am a young, healthy man. But I had no idea how much more I had in me. The shear vigor & vitality you naturally unleash when you begin to fast intermittently is unmatched. Like I’ve said before, you are simulating a more primal, natural & organic way of living. It simply makes NO SENSE to eat 3 meals a day. This was never the case during hunter gatherer times; the times of lean, muscular, athletic savages who embodied ‘survival of the fittest’.

Increased libido & sexual performance. The fundamental, biological goal of life is proliferation. Reproduction. Sex. Now you may understand why I prefaced this by stating I am a young, healthy man. Why would a young, healthy man even have to consider libido. I never did consider it. I always felt fine & functioned normally. However, with our modern diet & lifestyles, I had no idea that this was accelerating my aging process.  A bold claim to make… But here’s my reasoning.

Waking up with morning wood is a true indicator of healthy levels of testosterone & overall sexual function. Most men notice their morning wood dissipating following the teen years. This is seen as normal. Then, as life goes on, you enter your 40s & 50s, begin to develop high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol &/or some type of chronic condition which must be managed via prescription drugs. This is also, nowadays, seen as normal. Let me tell you, this is far from normal.

When I began intermittent fasting, I quickly noticed one thing. It was very hard, & even woke me up in the mornings. I’m sure you can guess what it is. I felt like I was 13 years old again. My libido shot through the roof. Not only that, but my sexual performance drastically improved. I don’t want to go into details, for obvious reasons… But the improvements were REAL. And still are. I’d always felt that I was feeling & performing at an optimal level, sexually. I never felt like I could optimize it anymore. Boy, was I wrong. Thank you, fasting :).

I attribute this to hormone regulation & optimization. When eating in a time restricted manner, this facilitates a much more harmonic rhythm by which our hormones are produced & secreted. I also attribute this to the significant boost in testosterone induced by simply fasting. Testosterone & HGH (human growth hormone) skyrocket. This is backed by science; as is every claim I make.

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