How to detox without buying anything

There are countless detox plans & diets out there for you to buy. However, our bodies naturally possess several mechanisms which act to detox the system; it is as simple as allowing them to work. Most of our lifestyles suppress these natural processes &/or simply overwhelm our systems with toxins, so the body cannot keep up.

Here are three things you can implement to activate your body’s natural detoxification processes.

Water Fasting. Fasting has been shown to allow your body to perform clean up. Energy, normally used for constant digestion & processing of food, can now be used to carry out other detox & healing processes. It has even been shown to stimulate the release of stem cells & other natural, potent healing factors. You can fast intermittently, which entails fasting for around 12-18 hours daily. This will certainly aid in the natural detoxification process, but will take more time for your body to clean everything out & this can be a difficult adjustment & more of an overall lifestyle adjustment.

The true way to efficiently kick your body into detox mode & truly flush your system, is to embark on a longer fast. I would say at least 24 hours & 72 hours at most. 72 hours is obviously extremely difficult & will interrupt your life. This is more of a spiritual experience in a way, almost like a camping trip by yourself. You won’t want to be around anyone because people tend to socialize around food. You will have to endure physical discomfort by exercising psychological control. This is not an easy endeavor. However, you will emerge a cleaner, stronger person at the end of it. I would suggest starting off with a 24 hour fast. Drinking nothing but water & a small amount of coffee or tea (if necessary).

Fasting for 24 hours is not easy, but it’s certainly a lot more doable than 72 hours. Work your way up to a 72 hour fast, take this slowly. The point is to facilitate certain processes in your body which work to detox the system & repair damage; you do not want to be pumping stress hormones throughout your body because you’re forcing a long fast. Don’t be extreme. Listen to your body, but just know that we are all capable of long term fasts & there is an abundance of scientific literature & empirical evidence demonstrating the potent benefits of fasting.

Sweating. Our skin has pores all over which act to expel toxins. This can be accomplished through exercise, sitting in a sauna &/or spending time outside.

For detox purposes specifically, one should engage in light cardio performed for a long time. This can be a slow jog for 45 minutes. Jogging for long periods of time is perhaps the most natural detox exercise one can perform. For one, it is the most natural movement one can execute besides walking, so anyone can do it. Also, you can perform this for long periods of time, allowing more sweating which equals more detox. Finally, when jogging properly, you can thoroughly shake your internal organs clean.

What do I mean by this? Stay tuned for a YouTube video where I will go more in depth about the detoxification properties of jogging a certain way. Other options include sitting in a sauna or steam room for 10-20 minutes &/or spending time in the sun.

Breathing. Lungs are commonly ignored as one of our main detox centers. They not only function to take in oxygen, but to expel CO2 from your blood. CO2 is toxic & can accumulate in the blood. Most people do not breathe fully or deeply enough to effectively expel all of this CO2. This will lead to an overall lower blood pH (more acidic). More acidic blood means higher inflammation. Inflammation is the root of all disease & chronic issues.

There are several breathing exercises you can perform to clean out your lungs & circulatory system. I do a specific breathing exercise which has been scientifically shown to raise the blood pH, nudging the body into an alkaline state. This has also been shown to lead to a significant reduction of inflammatory markers. I will make a video demonstrating this as well.

For the best results, these should all be done together. Embark on a long fast, facilitate sweating & perform breathing exercises. I am currently in the process of designing some detox plans for you to follow. Please let me know if you’re interested.


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