The Carnivore Diet

Before reading this, take a deep breath & disarm your ego. You will need an open mind to really ponder this.

I have not tried this diet… for more than a few days. I couldn’t stick to it. I was TOO WEAK. However, I have been reading & listening to nothing but great testimonies. This diet has had tremendous, beneficial effects on chronic skin issues, joint pain & psychological problems. I first heard about this on Joe Rogan’s podcast. He had on a guest by the name of Dr. Shawn Baker. That’s right, doctor. This caught my attention. In addition to him being a doctor, he is a physical beast who breaks world records on the concept 2 rowing machine. On an ALL MEAT DIET. The dude eats 4 lbs of ribeye a day! He’s been on the diet for 2 years now.

Click here to read a plethora of testimonials, & click here to listen to the podcast with Joe & Dr. Baker. I am not advocating this diet nor am I suggesting you try it. I am just offering my thoughts. I used to spend time asking Dr. Baker questions about the biochemistry & overall science behind this. He had an answer for everything…

This might be a controversial subject, because nowadays people are so identified with their diet. It’s basically a religion now. Very sad. I think we should be able to discuss any & everything. There are people out there really suffering from chronic health issues & are being failed by our current medical system. I believe it’s not so much our medical system failing, actually, but simply a lack of knowledge coupled with resistance to new ideas. It is imperative to spread the word of anything that brings hope to solving the chronic health problems that millions are facing today. Not only does this diet bring hope, but the results are very real & the number of people trying this is increasing daily.

Let’s talk about why I think this diet has been producing amazing results.

Elimination. People are simply unaware of the substantial effect that the foods we consume have on our mind & body. With all the junk & bullshit of today’s modern food selection, it’s no wonder why people are suffering from psychological problems, autoimmune conditions & many other ailments. Most of us are sensitive or allergic to certain foods & we are not even aware of it. Maybe you are constantly bloated or gassy or suffer from back pain, etc. These can all be attributed to the consumption of foods you are sensitive to! They cause psychological problems such as ADHD like symptoms, depression, anxiety & many more. With all of this said, it’s no wonder people see a drastic improvement in their health & well-being when switching to an all meat diet. They eliminate all of the fake crap that most Americans eat & replace it with REAL FOOD.

Eliminating all other foods besides meat forces the body to switch metabolic mechanisms. Rather than functioning primarily on glucose, your body will learn to use fat as fuel & convert protein to glucose at a much more efficient rate. Dr. Baker is a great example of this. It is commonly believed that in order to perform glycolytic activities (activities which use a lot of glycogen), such as rowing, one must consume an abundance of carbohydrates. However, Dr. Baker, at 52 years of age, is breaking world records on the concept 2 rowing machine, ON AN ALL MEAT DIET. That is metabolic efficiency at its finest.

Simplicity. I am sure most of us have heard of the gut microbiome by now, yes? Well, if not, just know that you have an entire world of bacteria living inside of your gut. Lining all the walls of your entire digestive system. They aid in digestion, nutrient uptake & ultimately determine how your food is processed & absorbed. The health of your gut biome is dependent on what you feed these little critters. If you eat bad shit, such as processed foods & an abundance of carbs/sugar, you’ll feed the bad bacteria & fungus. If you eat healthy, natural & wholesome foods, you will nourish your gut by feeding the beneficial bacteria.

So, by restricting your intake to just meat, your gut will have much less trouble processing & absorbing your food. Over time, your gut biome will be completely remodeled to fit your new diet. With only one fuel source, the gut biome will become much less overcrowded & cleaner overall. I believe that this is perhaps one of the most beneficial parts of the diet. With the plethora of bull crap we are feeding ourselves these days, most people’s guts are an absolute mess of fungus & bad bacteria.

Evolution. Finally, let’s think common sense. We have all heard the phrase ‘you are what you eat’. Well… Go ahead & check right now. What are you made of? Pinch your bicep, or your belly fat, or your calf. What’s that? It’s meat. Yeah. So, no… don’t go eat other humans. That’s not what I am saying. However, we know that we evolved as hunter-gatherers. There was a time when people survived on their kill of the day, & maybe some berries from time to time. That’s it. Our bodies have several metabolic processes hardwired in to efficiently burn fat & protein as fuel rather than carbohydrates; which explains all of these peoples’ ability to thrive on an all meat diet. Since we are meat, it is not inconceivable to consider the fact that meat may provide the most nutrients which pertain to us. It makes evolutionary sense. Remember, back in the hunter-gatherer days, there was a lack of food. Food scarcity was very real. You hunt an animal & that’s food for you & your family for the next few days. We have not physiologically changed since that time, so why treat our bodies differently?

This is just my take on the carnivore diet. I have thought deeply about this using my knowledge of science & experience with several diets.  I have asked Dr. Baker endless questions about this on his Instagram live videos. Like I said, he has an answer for everything & he makes a lot of sense. He’s a really down to Earth, open-minded guy. I know that he would destroy any vegan in a scientific debate. Seriously, destroy.

There is so much more to be discussed, but I’m just offering my brief take on the matter. The best way to learn more about this, in this time of rapidly emerging fad diets & nutritional dogma, is to just buck up & try it. So, I will. I don’t know when exactly I will start, but I am interested to see how my body will react over the course of 6 weeks. My body is my lab & experience is my favorite teacher.

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