Unexpected side-effect of Intermittent Fasting #2

If you hear any fitness authority talk about fat loss, they will almost always tell you that spot reduction is a lie. Spot reduction is the idea that one can burn fat in one particular area, such as the belly, without losing size elsewhere, such as your chest & arms. This is typically true, when approaching muscle building & fat loss from a traditional perspective. However, not only does the science show that spot reduction is possible, I am living proof.

Spot Reduction. So, traditionally, we are taught to eat 6-8 small meals a day to keep our metabolism high. One can choose one of two goals, bulk or cut. But, what if you want to do both? This is pretty much impossible when thinking in terms of traditional fat loss & muscle building methods. However, science has shown that fasted training facilitates fat burning & muscle gain.

Science. So, the basic laws of thermodynamics are used to explain how fat loss or muscle building is facilitated. Calories in & calories out. If you are consuming less calories than you are burning, you will burn fat, & if you consume more than you burn, you should build muscle. Too bad our bodies are not that simple. They are extremely dynamic, sophisticated machines. Let’s talk about visceral fat & hormones.

Insulin & belly fat. With our current standard way of eating from morning to evening, insulin levels are constantly being spiked. This spike is exacerbated by consuming carbohydrates (especially simple carbs and/or processed sugars). This promotes the storage of fat around your belly. So, it safe to say that spot GAIN is a very real thing. A lot of people store fat around the abdomen without storing it elsewhere, giving that skinny-fat physique. when thinking in terms of hormones rather than strictly energy, it can be conceived that fat burning can also be targeted.

Cutting to the chase, you must train in a fasted state. This study showed that spot reduction is indeed possible. Aerobic exercise increases overall fat lipolysis (fat mobilization/burning). More fat is burned in the areas being used the most. For example, if aerobic exercise is coupled with a core workout while in a fasted state, it was shown that more fat will be burned in your core muscles vs. other areas. Being fasted is crucial because insulin is not present & overall fat burning is promoted & enhanced.

How I do it. I like to spend the least amount of time possible in the gym. So, to maximize my fat burning & muscle building/toning, I will perform a very short but intense aerobic circuit. This circuit will include very dynamic movements coupled with more focused core workouts. By doing this, I am forcing my body into a fat melting state while engaging the area where I want to eliminate the most fat.

Getting & staying lean & muscular should not be a battle. This should be a natural state. By utilizing these methods, I can maximize my gains & burn fat effortlessly.


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