Why you don’t get hungry when fasting intermittently (epigenetic)

Some people seem to think I am starving myself. Please read some of my earlier posts on intermittent fasting to fully grasp the concept. Believe it or not, but I probably eat more than you. I can have an abundance of calories & not store them as fat. I also no longer feel hungry at all in the mornings & breakfast is repulsive to me now. How can this be?

Shifting your metabolism. Our bodies typically use glucose as a form of energy. Most people’s bodies are only accustomed to using glucose as an energy source. The problem with that, is the body does not efficiently store glucose for a long time. So 4-6 hours after a meal, most people will feel hungry. This hunger stems from your body’s inability to use other forms of energy, such as fat. What I mean by shifting your metabolism, is that you must force your body to learn how to use fat as fuel. Everyone’s body knows how to do this, but it is a long lost function for most. This is because when you eat 3 meals a day with snacks in between, your body learns to constantly expect glucose & store any extra calories as fat. Fat storage is promoted, rather than fat mobilization & utilization. After years of eating like this, by way of epigenetic effect, the body will under-produce fat mobilizing & burning enzymes .

Now, how do we fix this? Intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting simulates a natural, primal way of living. Because we evolved in times of food scarcity, our ancestors had to endure long bouts without food & work very hard to acquire it. Obviously, this is not the case today. This is why, to attain a lean & muscular physique, I intermittently fast. We are now learning that living a primal lifestyle will keep your body robust & well. This is also why I workout fasted. Do you think the cavemen had breakfast before they went hunting for their food? C’mon.

Adjusting. Since we have been eating 3 meals a day with snacks in between our entire lives, this will take some adjusting. The body will have to learn how to effectively run off of fat in the absence of food. This very adaptation is what turns you into a literal fat burning, muscle clinging machine. The body becomes accustomed to not being fed glucose every time glycogen stores are depleted & this epigenetically shifts your production of enzymes. Production enzymes which promote fat mobilization & utilization are up-regulated. So yeah, when first adopting this lifestyle, you may feel hungry & generally shitty at first. This is because you are breaking your addiction to glucose. Once the addiction is broken & the body adapts, you will feel much better than you have every felt in your life. This is why I love this lifestyle so much. I do not restrict myself from eating the foods I love, nor do I restrict the amount I eat. I simply eat within an 8-10 hour period. I now enjoy metabolic flexibility, which basically means my body is accustomed to using many sources of fuel, rather than just glucose.

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