Unexpected side effects of Intermittent Fasting #1

I originally began to fast intermittently to achieve a shredded physique, & it worked like a charm. However, I did not expect it to overflow into other areas of my life, revolutionizing my health. I’ll discuss each of these ‘side effects’ in separate posts to make these short & sweet.

I need less sleep. At the beginning of this fasting endeavor, I noticed I was waking up surprisingly early every morning. I would be up at 5 AM full of energy. At first, this stressed me out. Why the hell am I awake so early?! I am not getting enough sleep. Something must be wrong. Right? Nope.

This kept happening. Not only did I realize that I felt fine throughout the day, I noticed I felt even better. So, I did some research. Apparently, this is not uncommon. Many others experience a decrease in their necessity for sleep. Digging deeper, I even found some science to back it up. Once the body adjusts to this way of eating, it has an ample amount of energy. This energy is used to carry out other important detoxifying & regenerative processes in the body. Sleep quality is enhanced & optimized. So, once the body has adjusted to intermittent fasting, you can expect to enjoy better quality sleep as well as less of a need for long hours wasted in bed.

Another thought. Our bodies are the most sophisticated ‘machines’ on the planet. Find me a company that can design something as dynamic & efficient. With this said, would you expect the most efficient machine to need almost half a day to ‘recharge’? Didn’t think so.

Contact me if you need help starting. Much love.


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