Beat jet lag & maintain gains overseas

A good friend of mine moved out to Israel & posed an interesting question. How can you maintain a lean & muscular physique while abroad? Sometimes there is not enough time to make healthy decisions when you’re ‘go go go’ traveling. Not to mention the language barrier & the fact that you are so culturally out of the loop, you don’t even know what you’re eating. He is living there, but what if you’re going on an extended vacation?

Beating Jet lag. First let’s take care of jet lag so you are not forced to waste a day or two of your adventure feeling like ass. Fasting has been shown to effectively reset your circadian clock, preventing the onset of jet lag symptoms (or at least severely reducing them). has a great article on this. I personally tried it on my way back from Europe a few years ago. I had been there for about one month & new that re-adjusting to this time zone would take a couple days. It worked like a charm; not one sign of jet lag. I actually arrived home at night & I fell asleep like a baby. A simple 16 hour fast should suffice, but I did 24 hours just to be sure I really hit the reset button.

Maintain the GAINZ. So, what should you eat, when you do? First off, I would still follow an intermittent fasting protocol. Eat in a window of 2-10 PM. Not too restrictive of what I eat, but mindful nonetheless. Not too much bullshit. Bullshit is pretty universal; dessert, bread, empty carbs/sugar. I would be sure to consume a lot of meat & greens. Extra veggies. Why? Because they are nutrient dense & will boost your immune system. You want to be sure you are not falling sick because that will be your #1 gains killer. Keep the protein & fat content high & you should be good! Obviously, keep up your workouts, but we’re vacationing & maintaining, so nothing crazy.

If you are living abroad. EGGS EGGS EGGS. You can never go wrong. Stock up, & make this the staple of your diet. Why? Because they’re a cheap superfood that are extremely easy to prepare & taste amazing. Sardines are another one, but careful for that mercury. Stock up on some frozen meat & veggies! Finally, eat lots of fruit. You can stock up on frozen fruit too! But if you are on the go, don’t be afraid of some fruit bowls to provide you with some crucial nutrients & antioxidants.


That’s it guys. Remember it’s not so much about the diet but your lifestyle. Are you having fun? Are you sleeping well? Are you drinking too much? Are you moving, or even walking enough? These are questions you can always ask yourself to stay in reality, rather than stressing over the details of your diet. There is good food anywhere you go in the world. I’ll be leaving to Portugal for a few weeks. Let’s see if I am able to practice what I preach.


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