The #1 move for your shoulders & spine

This is not just for those of you who suffer from chronic shoulder, neck or back pain; this is for anyone who never wants to deal with it. Hanging is perhaps the most beneficial move you can implement for your shoulders, neck, ribs, spine, elbows & wrists. It is like a cat stretch for humans. We evolved the ability to hang but we have no use for it anymore. Why would we ever need to hang anymore? Unless you’re a rock climber, you probably never hang. Maybe you hang for a couple seconds on the bar before you bust out some pull ups. We spend most of our days hunched over screens & then we go to the gym for an hour & bust out a shoulder workout. We almost never reach our arms above our head in our daily lives, yet we will push 60 lbs dumbbells over our head…

Braces for your shoulders. If practiced consistently & regularly, hanging works to reshape the bone structure in your shoulders. This is similar to the way braces reshape bone structure in the mouth. Dr. Kirsch, an orthopedic surgeon, wrote a book, ( going in depth about this. At the time, he would refuse his patients shoulder surgery until they were willing to implement a hanging regimen. Hanging was shown to be effective for SLAP tears, rotator cuff injuries, etc.

Bulletproof your joints. Try hanging from a bar today. See how long you can last before you drop. You’ll be surprised. Hanging for one minute can prove very challenging for most people. Over time, your grip strength will improve as well as your overall upper body strength. Your joints will enjoy a nice, decompressive stretch while building strength. All you do is grab the bar & let gravity bulletproof your joints.

Spinal decompression. Spinal issues are a modern day epidemic. With all of the sitting we do, we are exacerbating these issues. If you work a 9-5 job where you’re seated most of the time, it is imperative you hang. Just hang & allow the natural force of gravity to decompress your spine. It may even feel painful at first because your spine is so tight. Over time you will notice that hanging will naturally correct muscular imbalances & postural problems.

Hanging is one of the most natural & easy movements you can implement into your daily life. Humans have strayed away from many of our natural, primal movements as we have become more civilized. But, in order to thrive & maintain the robust-ness of your body, you must meet certain physical demands. To keep your shoulders & spine strong & healthy, you need to hang like a monkey.

Start with trying to hang for 5 minutes a day. Obviously, not 5 minutes nonstop, but split it up in intervals. If you can only hang on the bar for 30 seconds, then do 10 sets of 30 seconds. Consistency is key.

I hope this helps. CLICK HERE for a more detailed program to follow to resolve chronic pain.


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