3 ways to boost your gains

Whatever the reason is, you may be reading this because you’re a hard gainer. Gaining muscle may not be easy for you. It wasn’t easy for me either. Here are 3 things I live by which make it a whole lot easier.

Never go to bed hungry. Very self explanatory. If the body does not have fuel to break down during the night to build up your muscles, it will actually break down muscle for energy. The body undergoes a plethora of important processes overnight which require energy. You can’t expect to build muscle as your body is using energy for other processes if you do not have some food in your belly at night. The body will break down muscle to use protein. So, I would suggest eating slow-digesting protein at night. Try this: Eat 4-6 eggs about an hour before you go to bed. Personally, my metabolism is so overactive, I eat right before I go to bed. If I don’t, sometimes I will wake up early really hungry & I can see that I’ve shrunk a bit overnight. Side note: Do not believe the bullshit you’ve heard about eggs… I won’t go into it here, but do your own research or hit me up, I’ll be happy to explain. Eggs are a superfood.

Spend time under tension. During workouts, don’t try to lift the heaviest weights. Don’t rush through sets. To build muscle (not strength, I am purely talking muscle size), you need to maximize the time your muscles are placed under tension. This means really focusing on slowing down your movements & concentrating on the negative part of the lift. For example, bicep curls: I curl up, squeeze for a couple seconds, & slowly lower down for about 3-4 seconds.

Rest. This is probably the most important one. This was the hardest for me. It’s somewhat counterintuitive. We think that the more work we put in plus the more pump we feel equals the most gains. Wrong. You have to regulate yourself. Don’t get addicted to the pump. Give yourself time off. I would say no more than 3 days of heavy lifting per week. This allows maximum neuromuscular recovery, muscle growth & is much safer. This also means sleep well. Your sleep quality is crucial for building lean, dense muscle.



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