Why you’re still fat

I don’t mean to offend anyone. If you like being fat, that’s awesome! However, if you’ve been trying to optimize your body & health, & have not been seeing any results, try addressing these three points.

You’re drinking too much alcohol. If you drink beer everyday, please don’t wonder why you’re still fat. Wait until you have the six pack to bust open a six pack. Alcohol will not aid your journey to a lean, muscular body. But, once you have attained your goals, there is no harm in enjoying some drinks from time to time.

You’re doing too much cardio. Cardio is great. It is healthy and extremely beneficial for your entire body & mind. However, I would not advise a fat or skinny fat person to do much cardio. Here’s why. During an average cardio session, you’re only burning calories during the session. Longer cardio sessions also burn muscle. And, cardio revs up your appetite, but does not do much for your metabolism. Do this instead. Workout for short durations with high intensity &/or lift heavy weights while fasted. When you lift heavy &/or perform HIIT (high intensity interval training),  you are revving up your metabolism & this boost lasts far after the workout is done. Also, you will actually build & maintain muscle rather than waste it away. Muscle is absolutely crucial for burning fat & remaining in a fat burning state. Performing HIIT or lifting heavy while fasting will yield the best results. You will look, feel, & perform like a god.

You’re eating too many carbs. Some of us love carbs so much that we trick ourselves into thinking we can eat them as long as they’re healthy. Here’s the thing about carbs… If you are trying to lose fat & gain muscle, you need to teach your body to use fat as energy, not carbs. If your body is accustomed to using carbs as fuel, you will be constantly hungry since your body cannot effectively store carbs as energy for too long. In order to shift your metabolic preference from carbs to fat, you should try going long bouts without eating (intermittent fasting) & eating a diet high in fat & low in carbs (aka keto). Think of this: A dehydrated body will retain water. In order to prevent water retention, it’s recommended to drink plenty of water so your body doesn’t feel like it has to store the minute amount it gets. Same goes for fat. Once your body is adjusted to going long bouts without eating & you consume plenty of healthy fats when you do eat, your body won’t cling on to fat. You will begin to produce more enzymes which aid fat mobilization & utilization for energy. Remember, carbs = sugar, sugar = insulin spike, insulin spike = fat storage mode. Most people live their lives in a series of insulin spikes, thus living in fat storage mode. I am not saying to ditch carbs completely, but try to drastically reduce your carb intake & couple that with increasing your intake of healthy fats.

Love y’all. Keep sending questions!! It gives me more ideas & topics to write about.


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