How I stayed shredded in college

We have all heard of the freshman 15. You move into the dorms & you’ve got a meal plan. In my experience, there were several dining halls on campus. The meal plan was basically an all you can eat buffet at any one of these dining halls on campus. On top of that, you’ve got a full schedule of classes. I studied Neuroscience, so it was kind of a full time job. Finally, we cannot overlook the social aspect of college. You grind all week until the weekend comes around & everyone around you wants to go out & party. How can you possibly stay shredded when you’ve got access to an all you can eat buffet all day, you’re tired from sitting in class & studying, and you’re drinking alcohol & staying up late on the weekends. It’s possible. Here are 3 ways I did it.

If you’ve been reading my blog, you already know I am all about about intermittent fasting, as it is the centerpiece to my staying shredded. However, I’ll leave it at that. If you’d like to learn more about intermittent fasting, check out the rest of my blog and/or youtube channel.

Prioritize sleep. If you are pulling all nighters for exams or staying up late every night watching Netflix or hanging with friends, you won’t stay shredded. If you are not sleeping optimally, you’re insulin sensitivity is immediately shot; not to mention other hormonal changes which will throw your body into fat storage mode. Sleep is extremely, extremely important for getting & staying shredded. I avoided this by giving myself enough time to study for exams & finding a regular time to go to bed every night, which was around 10-11 PM. Of course, I made exceptions. I was in college. I knew I would want to have fun, so I allowed one late night per week. Sometimes it would be 2 or 3 late nights, but that was never a regular thing. I would acknowledge, in advance, that I would have a late night on Friday or Saturday. Then, you can plan to take it a little easy the next day & allow your body to recover. Don’t skip your workouts but go a little easier. When you do have late nights, avoid carbs & refined sugar the next day. Consume higher amounts of fat; eat more avocado, nuts, eggs, etc.

Trade beer for carbs. If you know you’re going to be playing beer die all Saturday with the boys, plan accordingly. What I liked to do was not eat too many carbs that day. Don’t be afraid to get a nice lift in before the debauchery. I knew that I would basically be carbing it up with the beer, so why load up anymore? I would typically eat a lot less on days I drank beer. I would usually just eat some meat & that would be it. I enjoyed many days out in the sun playing beer die for hours & grillin’ some meat. Nothing like it. You can still enjoy life & keep the shreds.

Take cold showers. I took a cold shower just about every morning. That cold Santa Cruz water was no joke! It never got easier. I always hated it. I always dreaded it. But, I never regretted it. It always felt so invigorating & gave me a sense of accomplishment early in the day. Cold showers boost your metabolism, testosterone & burns fat. Your body uses your fat to keep you warm. Your body will also become conditioned to storing brown fat vs. white fat. Brown fat is much healthier. Also, cold showers do wonders for your immune system. I never got sick, so I never had to skip too many workouts. When in college, we fall sick easily because of the stress, exposure to other students, close living quarters & more. Falling sick definitely kills your gains, so cold showers are great for keeping you healthy year-round.

Hope this helps! Send me questions or comments. Love y’all.





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  1. Mid-life mom here. So, not so much into shredded as overall wellness. 🙂 Those are some good points, though, for people of any age, but especially college students. It’s terribly easy to develop bad habits in early adulthood that eventually will come home to roost. They really do… Blessings!


    1. Very true! Thanks! (:


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