One tip to boost testosterone

Low testosterone can lead to decreased sex drive, depression, fat gain, mood swings & more undesirable side effects.  What’s my favorite testosterone boosting hack?

Workout outside, shirtless. Why? Two reasons.

First, sunlight. Your body is designed to get the vitamin D it needs by producing it when your bare skin is exposed to sunlight (ultraviolet B rays, to be exact). Don’t go cook yourself in the sun for hours, but a short 15-30 minutes will do you wonders; without a shirt, more bare skin is exposed more surface area is available to absorb sunlight. Not to mention, you’re tanning, so your skin will look more vibrant & healthy which will boost your confidence. High testosterone is associated with high confidence!

Second, you’re working out! This is obvious. Working out at high intensity has been shown to boost testosterone. So to maximize that testosterone boost, you will want to perform HIIT outdoors. You also have more space to incorporate sprinting & plyometrics into your training which are both incredible testosterone (& HGH) boosters.

Overall, working out outdoors simulates a more primal scenario. The more primal your diet & workout is, the better regulated your overall hormonal system will be. Most of today’s health issues such as type II diabetes, low testosterone & chronic inflammation are due to our loss of connection with nature. Loss of connection with fresh air, sunlight, natural movement, intense exercise, & organic foods. Exercising outside, shirtless is just one way to boost your testosterone. I find it one of the easiest things to implement. My favorite outdoor workouts are sprints, plyometrics & jumprope.

Try it! Just try exercising outside 2 days out of the week. Make it intense! After a month of doing this, let me know how you feel.


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