Intermittent fasting for 9-5ers

I have recieved some questions regarding intermittent fasting & work. Do not overcomplicate this. Do the same thing I mentioned in my previous article. Only thing is, you have to workout before work. That may mean waking up 30-45 mins earlier, but you want to workout while your fasted. Do not worry about eating right after you workout. It doesn’t matter, the anabolic window is yet another bro science myth.

So, if you are following a typical fasting regimen where you cease consumption at 10 PM & commence at 2 PM the next day, do not let work scare you off. You still have time to workout in the morning, fasted. You must drink plenty of water. If you feel somewhat lightheaded at work, add some pink salt to your water to restore minerals/electrolytes. Finally, eat your first meal at 2. It’s simple! Your brain prefers fat as an energy source, it just takes some time for you to metabolically adjust; so, don’t think that you won’t be able to cognitively perform at work. I’ve scored my highest on upper division pre medical exams while fasted! I was always able to focus in class, think critically & engage in thoughtful discussions.

One other thing. You will notice your breath may stink while fasting in the morning. This odor is coming from your empty stomach. You definitely want to avoid this as this will negatively effect your self-confidence at work & hinder your communication skills. After a while, this problem will go away as your gut will become much cleaner. But, here are some things that will help:

  1. Apple cider vinegar & 8 oz of water
  2. limit refined sugar/carb intake the night before
  3. sugar free gum
  4. coffee with cinnamon
  5. morning cardio
  6. spoon of coconut oil before bed

Good luck peeps! Don’t use your 9-5 obligation as an excuse. My 60 year old dad was easily able to implement this in his life while working full time as a top level position in a Silicon Valley tech startup. I think you can too.


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