Fasting & addiction

Long-term fasts are a powerful tool to reset a lot of aspects of our physiology & even psychology. The immune system will be cleaned out & restored, the digestive system is renewed, & pleasure/reward centers in the brain are rewired.

How can fasting benefit your brain? I always emphasize connection between the mind & the body because for some preposterous reason we’ve been conditioned to separate the two. The brain is housed in your skull & is completely connected & dependent on your body to function & vice versa. It is a part of your body. When you abstain from food for prolonged periods of time you are literally starving your brain of pleasure. Our nervous system is wired to reward us when we eat which is why food is pleasurable. So, when you force yourself to abstain from eating you are literally enhancing your sensitivity to pleasure. For example, if you put a steak in front of someone who has been eating regularly vs. putting a steak in front of someone who hasn’t eaten for 3 days, who do you think will find the steak more pleasurable? For those who have suffered from addiction to any substance or stimulus, prolonged fasts can do wonders for restoring the normal function of pleasure/reward centers in the brain. We are innately wired to be addicted to food, thus abstaining from it will exercise & strengthen your willpower.

Long term fasts have amazing physical & mental [& spiritual] benefits. Be cautious & work your way up to longer bouts without food. We are all innately capable of enduring long fasts, but since most of us have been eating 3 meals a day since we were born, our systems need an adjustment period. I would suggest starting by fasting as long as you can (on a Saturday or Sunday) until you start feeling like complete shit. Let’s say that’s 20 hours at first. Alright, next week go another 20 hours. Then, the week after go 20 again. After a month, try 24 hours. You’ll be fine. At this point you can choose to go longer because your body will be more acclimated to using ketones (fat) as energy.

Goodluck! Please contact me if you have any questions 🙂



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