Why you are depressed

We need to struggle just as much as we need to eat. This is a physiological and psychological demand that many of us ignore and avoid. However, without stress there is no growth. Take working out, for example, if you do not struggle you will not grow. If your muscles are not regularly placed under stress, they will wither away. Our nervous system holds true to the saying “use it or lose it”. We physically need struggle to maintain a healthy, robust body. But, most people do not understand that this is the case with our mind as well.

If your mind has nothing to struggle with, it will quarrel with itself. A poor Indian kid from the slums has no concept of depression. He has no time to be depressed. He is worried about how he is going to get clean water and stay safe. However, a rich white kid from the suburbs certainly understands depression. His life is too easy. He is safe and has an abundance of everything he needs and wants. So, the brain starts to go mad. He may be depressed and people will judge thinking he has no reason to be. However, this depression is a legitimate feeling. He may even feel like killing himself. Evolutionarily, we always struggled physically and cognitively just to survive.

To counteract this epidemic of our modern, nerfed out world we must place stress on ourselves. We must force ourselves to struggle. This is the next step in evolution. Not only will you avoid the withering away of muscles and depression, but you will become a superior human. By forcing yourself to fast, take cold showers & workout until you throw up you are taking control of your mind. You will slowly begin to notice that you won’t fall for cravings or give into impulses. The power of control comes from forcing yourself to do things that you do not want to do. Forcing yourself to struggle. This will sharpen your body and mind and keep your inner bitch quiet.



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