The best fitness tool you can buy

The jump rope is your best friend if you are trying to become a metabolically enhanced, fat burning machine. Here are my top 3 reasons why I think jump ropes are the best fitness investment you can make.

1. It’s efficient

You burn way more calories per unit time than almost all other forms of cardio. It’s cheap and you can do it anywhere. 10 minutes with the jump rope will be far better workout and do way more for you metabolically than 10 minutes on the treadmill.

2. Detox

When jump roping you will breathe heavily and sweat. This in itself is an amazing detox. However, if you simply jump at a leisure pace, loosen your belly & breathe slow and deep, you will shake your organs. This bouncing and shaking of your body and internal organs coupled with sweating and breathing provides an amazing detoxifying effect. Do this fasted for best results.

3. Improves athleticism

The jump rope will do wonders for your speed, agility & footwork. You will notice it if you play sports. You will feel sharper & quicker. I’ve even found it to really improve my hand eye coordination.

The jump rope is an amazing tool. Here one way you can use it:

20 seconds normal jumping speed

20 second sprint

20 seconds normal speed

1 minute break

Repeat 5x

Perform fasted for best results


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