How convenience is killing you

Society and culture are evolving at a rapid rate. It does not meet our physical or even mental demands. For example, just walking down the street you notice there are no obstacles. We would be alarmed and irritated if there were something in our way. However, back in the day, walking through the landscape you may have to momentarily support your body weight to pass thru a couple of fallen trees. Or, you may have to jump across a little creek. You get the idea. Our world is now set up for convenience so that we put in as little effort possible to get from point A to point B. We sit too much and are constantly bombarded by screens. Poor nutrition, less exposure to earth, sun, natural obstacles, cold, & heat. Remember, as far as your nervous system is concerned, you use it or lose it.

Our physiology has not evolved at the same rate as our society. Not even close. We are losing our health and control because of convenience. We are not using what brought us to this point in evolution so now we are losing our health. Our overemphasized craving for comfort and abundance is killing us.

Restrictions affect our physiology and psychology. These restrictions arise from all causes mentioned above. We are not meeting the demands we evolved for. The restrictions are apparent in one of three if not all three ways; the way we talk, walk and/or breathe (post on this coming soon). Neurological restrictions will lead to unnatural inhibition of these physiological movements and will directly affect one’s psychology (and vice versa).

The next step in evolution is control. Feeding our physiological demands by learning complex movements and engaging in vigorous exercise. Controlling our consumption by way of fasting and feasting like cavemen did in a time-controlled manner. Mitigating our response to modern stressors like job, relationships, school etc. (chronic stress) via breathing and meditation. 

Our mind has evolved this consciousness for a reason. It is a product of our evolution. Now, the next step is learning to harness the power of our conscious mind to control our subconscious desires for comfort. Fight against the convenience; take the stairs, turn the shower on cold, skip a meal, move, & keep challenging your physiology. If you don’t use it you lose it!


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