What is Bioenergetics?

Energy is everything. We are all energy vibrating at a certain frequency. When energy flows through the body free of obstruction one will experience good health and wellbeing. However when there is a blockage of energy flow or obstruction of some sort, complications will arise physiologically or psychologically. These obstructions of energy can be caused by stress or trauma. Energy is trapped in the body/mind and the individual physically holds on to emotional stress. Neurotic holding patterns develop which restrict natural movement, breathing mechanics & cognitive function.

Bioenergetics consists of exercises that are designed to release this energy and free the body of neurotic holding patterns. The exercises open the body up via stretching and holding positions while breathing deeply. By holding certain positions and breathing deeply, you will experience shaking and discomfort because you are moving and breathing into very tense areas. Breathing deeply while holding certain postures will allow blood flow and breaking up of scar tissue in these areas of restriction. Once you have opened your body up and broken up neurotic holding patterns, your breathing mechanics will be restored. This will improve all aspects of life as our breath is the very energy that fuels us. Proper breathing mechanics will improve posture, movement & all biochemical processes. I will soon post videos demonstrating some of these exercises. Cheers.


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